Transport Ponadnormatywny
Transport Ponadnormatywny

Mito Logistic

Leaders in oversize transport service

We provide comprehensive support for the entire logistics process of oversized cargo from the designing stage to unloading at the point of destination. With 20 years of experience we offer service at the highest level. The commitment and knowledge of our specialists guarantee the proper execution of the most difficult transportation projects.

Thanks to the trust placed in us by our existing partners, we have expanded the range of our services far beyond the borders of Poland. Some of our services are successfully carried out in Scandinavia, the Baltic countries, the Mediterranean and the new direction of Indonesia and India (India, Indonesia, Turkey, handling and controlling the process of deliveries to ports from factories and loading onto ships, the Baltic countries and Scandinavia full range of services).

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We operate all over Europe

We work across Europe to deliver our services and products to a wide range of customers. Our company operates in a dynamic and competitive European environment, engaging in a variety of sectors and industries.

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Your project prepared from A to Z

Logistics of wind farms

Participation and support of clients already in the development period, consulting, participation in contacts with investors, layout opinion, preparation of the transport process, supervision and implementation of transport of wind turbine components, logistics and coordination of unloading and storage of the aforementioned components, regular inspections of wind farms.


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