Transport permits

Permits for transport

The passage of an oversized vehicle requires appropriate permits

Each trip of an oversized vehicle requires obtaining the appropriate permit. Many years of
experience in the field of specialized transport and knowledge of the legislation defining the conditions for the implementation of such transport allows us to offer the service obtaining all necessary permits for oversized transport.

There are seven categories of permits for oversized vehicles. Each category takes into account such parameters as dimensions, total weight, axle load. In addition, he permits specify the roads on which the oversized vehicle can travel and the duration for which they are issued.

Each permit is issued by a competent authority. Depending on the category granted, it may be issued by the district governor, the General Director of the National Roads and Highways or, in the case of the entry of a vehicle from abroad into Poland, the head of the Customs Office. Carriage of cargo across the borders of other countries requires permits issued by the authorities competent for the country through which the transport is to take place. We organize the acquisition of permits in many countries such as Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Hungary and the United Kingdom.

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We prepare permits for transport

Legal and safe transportation

The transportation of cargo of non- standard dimensions is fully legal only if the necessary documentation is obtained, which is taken into account by the provisions of Polish and international law. Lack of the proper authorization is a violation of the law, which causes serious consequences, including heavy fines.

Deciding to use our service, you receive a guarantee of their implementation in accordance with legal acts governing the rules of abnormal vehicle transportation.

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